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{{}} has selected IPpay as a trusted partner for payment processing & merchant services. IPpay offers superior merchant services including: Recurring Payment processing, Card-Not-Present (CNP) payment transactions, and processing of other payment types such as E-check, ACH/Direct Deposit and Large-Scale Batch processing.




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Merchant & Gateway Services

Why IPpay? IPpay provides industry leading Interchange rates for Card-Not-Present (CNP) telecom, utility, and other subscription based recurring internet commerce. We won the Synergy Award from the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association after only three years in business.

Merchants and resellers have experienced significant growth using IPpay’s convenient and comprehensive revenue platform. The advantages of using IPpay include a seamless conversion process, an advanced and highly responsive technical team, an extensive list of integrated billing platform options, and low to zero cost gateway fees.

Relax. We’re here to help! The simple conversion process and easy to understand billing summaries make IPpay the superior choice for CNP electronic payment processing and as well as other types of payments such as E-check processing, ACH/Direct Deposit, and Large-scale Batch processing.

Led by long term industry veterans, IPpay delivers customized implementation from proof of concept all the way through full service deployment for electronic payment and gateway services. We understand your need to provide secure, reliable, and affordable payment processing for continued business growth. With IPpay , you will get excellence in technology and enthusiastic customer support ready to help with an extensive knowledge base to solve your business needs.

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Card Processing
  • Card-Not-Present
  • Recurring Revenue

IPpay offers reliable services for recurring payment assurance, an easy-to-use virtual terminal, month-to-month agreements, no early termination fees, a low to zero gateway fee, Tokenization, and free real time reporting for reconciliation and review, all under one roof with a single point of contact.

With IPpay , no third party gateway is required. There is no need for your business to incur the inflated costs associated with additional software, hardware, servers and security protocols necessary for secure payment processing. Third party gateways add potential points of technology failure along with additional processing costs and commitments. IPpay communicates directly with the card brand networks thereby eliminating the need for a third party gateway while saving money and enabling Interchange optimization (the lowest Interchange rate for every transaction).

  • Tokenization
  • Interchange Optimization
  • Account Continuator
  • Account Updater

IPpay ’s Gateway Services allow your business to seamlessly and safely accept payment cards as well as electronic checks while providing the highest level of security and continuity of payments. Merchants enjoy IPpay ’s ability to provide Cardholders with non-interrupted services, so they continue doing business with your company for many billing cycles to come.

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