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Gateway Services Overview

IPpay provides industry leading Interchange rates for Card-Not-Present (CNP) telecom, utility, and other subscription based recurring internet commerce. We won the Synergy Award from the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association after only three years in business.

Merchants and resellers have experienced significant growth using IPpay’s convenient and comprehensive revenue platform. The advantages of using IPpay include a seamless conversion process, an advanced and highly responsive technical team, an extensive list of integrated billing platform options, and low to zero cost gateway fees.

  • Tokenization

    Tokenization protects sensitive data by replacing the specific account information with an algorithm we then lock away for future use in a secure vault.




  • Interchange Optimization

    Interchange, generally the largest portion of the Merchant Discount Rate, represents the fees paid to the card-issuing banks in exchange for the service of underwriting and providing credit cards.

    Interchange rates are established by the Card Association and are paid by acquirers to card issuers on purchase transactions conducted on a particular card. Interchange is a necessary and efficient method by which the Card Associations maintain a strong a vibrant payments network. The setting of interchange rates is a challenging proposition that involves an extremely delicate balance. If interchange rates are set too high, such that they lead to a disproportionately high Merchant Discount Rate, then the merchants' desire and demand for card acceptance will drop. If interchange rates are set too low, card issuers' willingness to issue and promote the cards will drop, as will consumer demand for such cards. In response to these competitive forces, the Card Associations strive to maximize the value of the Interchange system, including the dollar volume spent on cards, the number and types of cards in circulation and the number and types of merchant accepts cards by setting default interchange rates at levels that balance the benefits and costs to both cardholders and merchants. Each Card Association has its own interchange program; combined, there are more than 300 levels of interchange.

    IPPay is committed to reducing your organization’s transaction processing costs to the greatest extent possible. IPpay is keeping your rates affordable by monitoring for compliance with association regulations – which is the primary driver of cost and chargeback risk. We stand alone in having the organizational and product skill set required to manage the various (and serious) implications of non-compliance.

    IPPay evaluates processing methods, transaction mix, the nature of your business, and its payments acceptance environments to determine the best solutions for you.




  • Account Continuator

    Account Continuator allows successful processing of expired payment cards on recurring transactions ensuring receipt of fees due without contacting the Cardholder for periodic updates.




  • Account Updater

    Account Updater provides updated card numbers and expiration dates from lost, stolen or reissued cards, to ensure uninterrupted recurring payments.

    With card-based payments so prevalent in everyday transactions, customer service issues arise when customers fail to notify a provider of a change in their credit card information. The IPpay Account Updater electronically retrieves the most current Cardholder information and updates the information on file. By automatically maintaining the accuracy of customer data, the IPpay Account Updater prevents disruptions due to account changes. The IPpay platform extends the life of automatic payment arrangements by helping secure these ongoing, revenue-generating relationships, all while locking in revenue, reducing processing costs, maintaining service continuity and strengthening Cardholder satisfaction.

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IPpay LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of: Westamerica Bank, 3750 Westwind Blvd., Ste 210, Santa Rosa, CA 95403; BMO Harris Bank, N.A. 150 N. Martingale Rd, Ste 900, Schaumburg, IL 60173


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